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Known for its expansive banking industry, strong NASCAR influence, sports teams, and emerging tech scene, Charlotte is well on its way to becoming America's fastest-growing city. Below the national average for cost of living and a substantial Fortune 500 presence are a few reasons why more than 100 people move to the city daily. However, it's no secret that Charlotte's boom makes real estate investment in the metro quite challenging, even for local firms...

On Episode 51 of Cash Flow Pro,  Aaron shares his journey in owning a bar with four partners and moving around the country, finding his real estate passion to understanding property management and all the hidden gems in real estate.

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On Episode 17 of the Crexi Podcast, Yannis Papadakis has a conversation with Aaron about his journey launching a commercial investment firm, and the CRE landscape with new economic trends. 


Aaron Zucker, Founder and CEO of Zucker Investment Group (ZIG), joins Trent and Patrick on “At Home with Roby”.  Founded in 2018, ZIG is a boutique, commercial real estate investment company focused on the acquisition of value-add, unanchored retail properties across the eastern half of the US.  Tune in to meet Aaron, learn more about the properties ZIG specializes in, and the bar he owned in college that sparked his entrepreneurial spirit.  Trent sprinkles in a few dad jokes along the way!

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Join Karly and Aaron as they discuss finding opportunity in the market, retail redevelopment, and his firm's investment thesis. Aaron Zucker, CEO of Zucker Investment Group, also shares how his grandparent's remarkable survival of the Holocaust gives him daily perspective.

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On Episode 7 of the Palomar Perspective, Steve Collins has a conversation with Aaron about his decision to start his own company, where ZIG is going, and Aaron being tabbed Most Likely to Succeed by David Wik.

On CRE Principles, a Commercial Real Estate Podcast, Aaron chats with Josh Wilson and talks about how he got into Commercial Real Estate, the journey that has led him to where he is now, and gives advise to those wanting to get into the industry.

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In episode 4 of The Retail Retold Podcast, Aaron joins DLC to tell his remarkable story of turning a vacant KFC into a brand new AFC urgent care in Fuquay-Varina, NC.

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On Episode 129 of Commercial Real Estate Investing From A-Z, Steffany Boldrini invites Aaron to discuss how ZIG purchased 22 deals in the last 40 months through syndications. What he looks for when purchasing a retail property and what are some of the lessons learned so far.

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On episode 10 of The Retail Leasing Podcast Aaron and "The Canvassing Queen" Beth Azor discuss industry events and how to best utilize your time at them. 

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On the 31st episode of "At Home With Our Homies!" Aaron sits down with Jayson Siano of Sabre Real Estate live on Instagram to discuss entrepreneurship, leasing, and commercial real estate. 

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Yonah Weiss interviews Aaron for episode 10 of his podcast "Weiss Advice".  Aaron and Yonah discuss retail properties and entrepreneurship. "Don't let school get in the way of your education."

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On episode 8 of The Psychology of Commercial Real Estate, host Sean K. Michael discusses with Aaron topics like productivity, mindset, and taking the first step. "Why do stuff that doesn't make you happy? I don't get it, It doesn't make sense."

On "ICSC Connect-NC Talks" a lineup of industry experts chime in on different strategies to help get deals across the finish line. Aaron moderates the discussion as experts Beth Azor, Scott Bitney, and Richard Brehaut all provide insight. 

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In today’s episode, we get together with Aaron Zucker to talk about his career in leasing, family office, and acquisitions and development. He shares how he first became interested in leasing after buying a bar with his friends after college. Aaron expands on how he went from having a steady income and a secure job to striking out on his own by founding ZIG. His approach involved adjusting his lifestyle, enabling him to live off his nest egg for three years while he was building his business and establishing a pipeline. We dive into ZIG’s business model and how it differs from bigger companies. We also discuss the COVID pandemic, how it has affected his business, and why it’s been so difficult to find deals, and Aaron explains that retail is not dead and why it’s such an interesting space to be working in right now.

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Aaron joins a panel discussion on entrepreneurship along with fellow Providence Day School Alumni.  This discussion of "PD Perspectives" features others who have started their own business as well. 

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Aaron joins the Leasing Agent Forum to discuss The 12 Steps for Buying 12 Properties in 2 Years. 

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Jay finally meets in person after a long time of interaction on social media and doing deals because of social media. The power of social media is so important in business today and if you rant using it, you're losing.

Aaron shares how he went from tenant to landlord and what motivates him to be a commercial real estate “maniac,” and all of the stops along his way to massive success.

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